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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yep...starting to freak out.  So...so....much to do.  Closing is coming up mid September.  The sellers were going to rent back, but now have found a place.  That means we will need to find someone to care take the place for 6 mos.   The only way I would lease the place for 6 mos. is to get to know the people personally.  Even then....I'd rather not, because I would like to be making a few trips that way with our stuff.

Wayne is looking at his schedule to see if he can get up there to have a look see after the closing.  I can wire the money a week before, so I don't have to  be there for the closing.  But, we did get an extra $4000 off the selling price to do some work on the porch beams.  Wayne would like to be there to oversee the work.   Plus, we will need a riding lawn mower and garden tools accessible to whomever will be caring for the house in our absence.

Every day getting rid of a bit more "STUFF."  Yep....30 years of stuff.  It's a difficult process.  Clearing the clutter will help with clearing our minds, too.  We have started on the house, but haven't even started on all of the storage sheds around here.  Yikes.

On the bright side, Jet is doing great.  Makes me worry that maybe the kidney tumor had abscessed.  I am thinking that the antibiotics have made him feel 100% better.  I'm scared since he will be done with the antibiotics in a few days.  I am wondering if I should have let them open him up.  Kind of a damned if you do and a damned if you don't situation.  Anyway, I am so grateful to have this time with him and so grateful that he is feeling GOOD.  I am feeding him 2 small meals a day.  He is eating well and just in general happy to be alive.  Me, too.  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have this time with him.

Happy to be alive!

We have 6 sheep at home.  I usually don't start hauling them out to the desert until October when it is cool enough and fairly worry-free about the Mohave Green rattlers out there.  Wayne and I took them over to Task farm's field the other morning to see how they worked.  I have 2 new lady line backers in the group that I have never worked.  I call them lady line backers because they are so huge (fat).  Well, they worked great, but the new fatties were huffing a bit :0)  It was nice for Champ to have a group of sheep that stayed together and moved off of him so well.  It is frustrating for him to have sheep that stop and graze and turn and look at him.

Champ working my 6 sheep

Goats on their A-frame house  (forwards and backwards)

Really nice to have the geese here.  Champ loves them, because they move off of him so well.  It gives me a chance to have him modulate his pace being close to me in an arena.  Trying to get a 'gear back' when I give a steady whistle or say steady to him verbally.  I don't want to remove the push, so I haven't been insistent on it.  Kilt and Yoko love the geese, too.  Jet says, "Piss on them.'  I watched the geese spread their wings and run/fly the length of the arena right directly at Jet.  He didn't even look at them.  He could care less.

That's my update.  Onward and upward.

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Karen said...

Glad to hear that Jet is feeling better.
Good luck with the sorting of your stuff. We need to make a start here, if we ever want to consider really retiring.