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Friday, July 5, 2013


Especially excited when I saw that Sequim was just a little over a 6 hr. drive to Cottage Grove, Oregon.  I think I will be a whole lot closer to a whole lot more sheepdog trials than I have ever been while living in Green Valley.  Way cool.  And, for once, I may be able to make to some Canadian trials, too.  I'm liking those possibilities :0)

With the good, comes the bad.  I won't have a "Task Farms" just down the road to work my dogs.  I have been so lucky to have Terry and Colleen just a 15 minute drive away with sheep, goats, and geese to work plus all of the AHBA trials they put on.  It has been like trialing in my backyard.  Great memories and a ton of fun for me and the BC's.

The realtor I am working with is named Brody Broker.  I almost lost it when I saw his name and of course, I had to ask if that was for real?  He said, "Yes."  I guess he was destined or something.  Anyway, every time he emails me, it makes me smile when I see his name. :0)  he has been sending me properties almost daily by email.  When I mail him a place I'd like to see, he lets me know if it would be worthwhile.  He sounds pretty much on the up and up.

Wayne doesn't have any hobbies, but I think he would like to "grow" stuff.  And, I bet it will be a lot easier for him to grow things in Sequim.  Here, gardens either blow away or dry up from the heat. I, of course, have a zillion things I like to do other than just working my dogs.  My first degree was in Art.  I love to draw and paint.  I love the seashore.  I love hiking in the mountains.

I saw another home I fell in love with (via the internet) with almost 3 acres.  There is a bid on it already, but Mr. Broker thinks it will fall through.  The price is right. I hope it will still be available when I get there in a couple of weeks :0)  Here is a photo of it.

All of the rooms have hardwood floors

And, look...a small kennel for me to put Champ in while I look at it :0)

Thanks for DREAMING with me!


Karen said...

I love following along with this. Have taken a look at some of the Sequim real estate. There is sure a lot of it, and the prices are sooo much lower than here.

gvmama said...

Like 'lower.' My realtor has been really keeping me abreast of changes in prices, new homes up for sale, etc. He writes almost every day. :0)

Jenny Glen said...

Don't forget you can't grow gardens in the AV because THE SQUIRRELS EAT THEM! Can you tell I'm just a little bitter about my time down there with the squirrel food I used to call a garden?

gvmama said...

I'm really looking forward to a garden!