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Monday, June 10, 2013

Good-Bye sweet Xena

Xena was just shy of her 15th birthday.  We laid her to rest June 10, 2013

She was the BEST dog we have ever owned.  All she ever required was a pat on the head and her dinner.

Xena loved every living animal and person.  There wasn't a mean bone in her body.

This was a picture on the day we acquired Xena.  There is not too much cuter than a Lab pup.

She had extreme tolerance.  That is Champ pulling on her tail.  She was patient, kind, and loving ALL the time.

She never met us right up till her last day withOUT something in her mouth.  If she didn't have a toy to greet us with, she would grab a towel or a dog bed....something :0)

She was structurely a perfect  "10" and  temperament a perfect  "10"  

Xena, Jet, and Trouble we called "The 3 amigos."  They stayed kenneled together and looked out for each other.  

Xena was as loyal as you could ask for.  She never needed to be leashed anywhere.  She would never wander.  All she wanted was to be with us.

Since she was a fabulous traveler she went everywhere with us.

Dustin 10 yrs. old, Xena 2 yrs. old
2nd place USDAA World finals in Jr. handling
Xena qualified for the USDAA finals 5 years in a row.

This dog was never lame a day in her life.  She never complained a day in her life.
Everyone should be so lucky to be blessed with a dog like Xena.

This photo was taken of Xena April 28th, 2013.  My grandson, now 23 yrs. of age is sitting with Xena saying good-bye.  I told Dustin you never know when it will be your last good-bye.

Good-bye Xena bean.  You have left a HUGE hole in all of our hearts, but it was an honor to have you for that many years.  I look forward to seeing you again some day.


Jenny Glen said...

Oh, NO! I am so sorry!

gvmama said...

Thank-you Jenny. It's been a couple of rough weeks around here. :0(

Karen said...

Oh Suzanne, I am so,so sorry.
I don't think Xena could have had a better home than yours. She was a wonderful dog.
Hugs to you and Wayne. Hope things are on an uphill curve for you from now on, you deserve it. Karen

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Oh, I am so sorry to read this.....Xena is wonderful and I loved her, her humor and her huge heart....now she and Tess can play and keep watch over us....sending hugs

Amy Coapman said...

A beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend. I am very sorry for your loss of Xena.

Tammy Taylor said...

So sorry to hear! She was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Suzanne,
We are very sorry for your loss.
This must be very painful for you.
We are with you in your pain...
Aunt Jeanette and your cousins,
Betsy, Bobbi, David, Diane, marie, Bonnie, Bill

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. She sounded like a pretty fantastic dog. They are never with us long enough.

Amanda @ manymuddypaws.blogspot.com

livin life said...

It's so hard to say goodbye.....it seems we never get enough time! Hugs to you....may your sweet memories help ease the pain of missing her.