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Sunday, May 26, 2013

My great nephew, Drake :0)

Thank goodness my brother and his wife had two girls, because they are the only girls in our family :0) I had one son.  My son and his wife had one son.  Jim and Linda's girls have three sons.

The star of the show while I was in Texas was when Erin and her husband, Dustin, brought Jim and Linda's grandson, Drake for a visit.  We also, now have three Dustin's in the family :0)  Drake's father is Dustin and my son and grandson are Dustin's.  I told them they should have named Drake...Dustin...that way all of us with failing memories would have a pretty easy time of it.

Grandma and grandson.....sweet.

Grandpa and grandson.....love.

Erin took this photo.  Dang, Drake is a cutie!!!!!!  I am so glad I got to meet him.  On my next visit, I want to meet my other niece's boys.

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