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Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun stuff

Champ's first time on geese

Champ and I are having fun.  Today I put him on some geese.  Most of my dogs don't care to work birds, especially if there are sheep in the near vicinity.  Not Champ.  He doesn't care what he is working as long as he IS working.  The above is an iphone pic, so it's a bit blurry.
He still needs to learn his flanks and get used to my handling, but he has a "sweet spot" when I give him a steady whistle where he hunkers down, all stylish, and falls into this nice pace.  He is putting a big smile on my face.

Next fun item:  I just purchased a Canon Rebel T3i camera with a couple of lenses, the biggest being a 75mm-300mm. The prices have come way down with the T4i now on sale.  The differences weren't enough for me to want the next model up.  Plus, I had a chance at Zamora to use my friends Rebel to get a feel for it.  It is always nice to be able to use something before making the decision to buy.  
 I was disappointed with my photos from my Sony when at the Zamora trial.  I had my 2 Sony cameras with me, a pocket Sony and my larger Cybershot.  Both did not do the photos justice.  It is time to step up my game.  Wayne about had heart failure...."Another camera?"  Yep....another camera.  I love shooting photos, so I might as well enjoy it with a good one.  The Rebel is not too small and not too big....it is just right (said Goldilocks) :0)  I'm not about to haul around a tripod.  I can sling this over my shoulder or carry it in one hand.  I can't wait to try it out.

My other purchase was a dog ramp.  Since we are running a senior skilled canine facility here, I purchased a nice ramp to get the older dogs into the truck easier.  I purchased a 6 foot aluminum ramp...most likely should have bought the 7 foot, but I wanted a compact one.  It folds up and only weighs 14 #.  It has a grit grip surface and I hope it makes it easier for the old dogs to get into my truck.  I know it will make it easier on my back.  I will be doing some clicker training as soon as it arrives!


Sandra Milberg who puts on the lovely Sonoma trial has a ramp for her dogs.  As I watched them run up and down it, the light bulb went on.  Plus, they are inexpensive.  The one I purchased was just $89.00.  I'm looking forward to it's arrival.  I wanted to take a few of the older dogs to town for vaccinations today, but my back had something else to say about it.  I hope this will keep my back intact having this new ramp for them!

Yea.  My dog ramp arrived today!

Yoko says....Hmmmmm  This is different.  Champ needed a few treats.

Kilt loved it because it was like a dog walk :0)

Jet grumbled at me going up the ramp.  I should have bought the 7 footer instead of the 6 foot ramp (less incline).  I have yet to try 15 yr. old  Xena on it.  She has poor eyesight now having little depth perception.  She does not like to do steps or stairs....too scary for her these days.  I'll be interested to see if she will do the ramp. :0)


Karen said...

Looking forward to more great pictures! Congrats on convincing Wayne that you needed a new camera:)

You'll probably have to keep your hand on Xena's collar when she uses the ramp. So far here, our backs are still able to heave Calli into vehicles.

gvmama said...

I had to take Champ by the collar, too (the first few times) The others said if there is a treat involved we are doing it! I'll try Xena with treats with the ramp laid out on the ground and later start the incline :0)

Karen said...

Xena will probably think it's a dogwalk too:)