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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Smile

Oh yea!  I just figured out how to blog my photos on the new iMac.  I haven't been to any classes yet, so I am learning by just goofing around on it.  Fun, but exasperating at the same time.  I downloaded a free 30 day trial of Corel's Painter 12. I hope to figure that out today...well, at least some of it.  I have managed to lose my photos on my phone.  I'm sure they are somewhere backed up, but I don't know where.  i tunes and I really don't get along very well.

We just purchased a garage of sorts.  We purchased a steel building to house the toy hauler and my new (used) van.  The toy hauler popped up with some leaks this Christmas.  Most likely, from sitting in the sun on the driveway.  The rain and snow aren't bad here, but the summer heat is bad for vehicles left outside.  We got a really good deal.  It is 25 ft by 28 ft. and will fit nicely behind the storage tank.  It was important to me that it will be hidden from the view of the property and house.  I found it and I got a really good deal. :)

Next order of business (other than still working on the leaks to the well).  We have fixed the major ones and water is spilling out over the top of the storage tank.  YEA!  That's a big yea.  There is nothing more miserable than NO water other than no air conditioning.  But, we lived here for almost 15 years without air conditioning.  Wayne and I still marvel at how we survived those long hot summers!  Must have been "youth."

Next order of business...getting rid of the old RV sitting in the driveway, the old boat collecting water and mosquitos and Wayne's old non-running work truck that hasn't been running for years.  Wayne uses the old RV and his work truck as his garage.  Men!  I told him there is just enough room to buy another garage next to the one housing the van and toy hauler to put his stuff in.  He doesn't follow through, so I am the decision maker.  I am the type of person that does it NOW (for the most part).  We are kind of yin and yang.  If Wayne followed through on his great ideas, we would be millionaires.

Kilt is on R and R for the next couple of months.  And, she is already busting at the seams!  I took her for a chiropractic appt. for an adjustment.  Loved the chiropractor, but the clinic was DIRTY.  I wrote her an email and let her know why I canceled the next appt.  I told her the clinic wasn't clean, but it was a pleasure to meet her and Kilt thanked her for the adjustment.   She wrote me back and said she has NO control over how clean the rooms are.  HOGWASH.  I won't be going back there again.  I have scratched Kilt from all of the winter trials.  March and the first of April we have 4 trials in a row. :( Oh well, it was the right decision.  You can't see her lameness until she works a bit and lays up.  Then it is pronounced.

It's up to Yoko....my funny little Yoko :0)  Plus, I will be picking up Champ from Suzy's Hoof and Paw Farms.  So Champ will go on the road with me and Yoko for a few weeks.  He will be coming back home.  The place has been rather quiet without him.  LOL

Light snow on the ground this morning.  I broke the ice on the sheep waters.   I emptied snow out of their feeders.  Good morning to be a bit lazy.  Work mañana.

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Karen said...

That first photo....so cute!