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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Champ and Sissy (Yoko)

Champ and his half sister, Yoko, who we call (Sissy)
This was Champ's first real introduction to swimming in the ocean.  He has been to the ocean several times, but he hasn't been real keen about the water.  I didn't push it.  Yoko is a water nut.
Yo shows her bro how it is done.  Easy :0)

Champ went out after the frisbee until he was in deep water.  He grabbed hold of this rock and literally, was between a rock and a hard place.  The hard place being deep water.  He cried a bit, but I told him from the shore, figure it out. Either crawl up on that rock, or let go and swim!

Happy Champ.  He made it with the frisbee in his mouth.

Worried, he dropped the frisbee and made a LEAP.  It wasn't far enough.  He still had to swim into shore :0)
Bummer in the summer.  Splinter in the winter.

No problem bro.  Yoko to the rescue (of the frisbee)

Dang he says...this is the slipperiest rock I ever tried to sit on.
Champ in DEEP thought about his day time adventures :0)

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