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Monday, January 14, 2013

14 plus years ago

We purchased this little cutie....Xena
She was bred down the road.  Born from a champion English sire that has more titles than I care to  mention. :0)  We had lost Doc, our Golden Retriever of Multiple Myeloma, our first loss at a young age, before the age of 5 yrs. old.  We were both grieving.
A litter born to a well known breeder and Vet just a stone throw away gave us the choice of two female pups.  We were having a heck of a time deciding between the two pups.  Finally, I said, "Heads we take the big one, tails we take the smaller one".  It came up heads and we took the smaller Labrador girl anyway.  Go figure. :0) 
Xena has never required more than a pat on her head, an occasional cookie, and her dinner.  She is 14 plus years old now.  And, never a lame step.  She is a Master agility dog in USDAA.  She has qualified for four World Agility Finals. We all trialed her, me, our grandson, and Wayne.  We stopped doing agility with her at 9 years of age.  Just because.  We wanted her to be around a loooong time :0)

She is one of  best. 
         We aren't ALL about Border Collies :0) 


Karen said...

She was a chunky little pup, what a cutie:)

Jenny Glen said...

OMG! SUPER cute!