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Monday, November 12, 2012

Family photos

Momma Kilt with her sons, Champ and Trip
The "grass" pictures were taken in Melodie's backyard.  Melodie was my agility trainer.  That is how we met.  She purchased Trip from the Kilt/Buzz litter. The other boy, Brew and the girl, Fly, in Pa. look just like Champ and Trip,  The 3 boys are tall and lean.  The girl in Pa. is stocky and shorter.  There is one more female from the litter, Jo-Jo (the only rough coat.)  She is back in Idaho training with Norm Close.  The girls are much like their Mom in showing teeth to other dogs.  The boys all seem to love everyone and everything.
Laura Jone's Brew (the other brother)
Brew is going to be an agility dog.  Laura owns a litter brother to Buzz, Kep.  All in the family :0)  Brew AKA Rumble was my pick of the litter.  Why didn't I keep him?  Because, I tried to place the dogs with the 'right' owners.  I kept Champ since he was the last pup left.  And, I was starting to get a bit partial to him.   I really hadn't planned on keeping a puppy.  But, some outside sources told me I should.  Plus, I knew my second litter would be my last litter.  We had Kilt spayed.  Enough is enough.  It was lots of fun, but a ton of work.  And, certainly there are tons of dogs that need rescuing.  I am well aware of that.
This is Dr. Pam Mueller's Fly in Pennsylvannia.
Pam is a Vet so she works loooong hours.  Fly is keeping her on her toes and driving her crazy.
These pups are not good house dogs.  They require an enormous amount of exercise.  If not exercised they will get into mischief....mainly "chewing."  I think I have talked Pam into sending Fly off for stock training.  She bought her for an agility dog. But, I think she really wants to work sheep :0)


Trip's first time on sheep!
Since Trip is going to the Scott Glen clinic at Drummond Ranch this week, we thought it might be a good idea to get Trip on sheep once. :0)   He did just fine (as soon as I dropped the long line.)  Holding a long line isn't for me.  Trip was a bit softer than Champ and more biddable.  But, that will change.  This was his first exposure to stock.  He had nice balance, worked each direction easily.  It was fairly easy to get him to come off his stock, because he was dragging the long line and I could step on it.  LOL
Old Grumpy (a lovely test sheep) is looking at him in this photo.  Grumpy knows Trip doesn't have any experience yet.  He gave him a few head nods.  Nothing mean...just a 'git away from me you little bothersome pest.' 

Champ holding them
I think this was Champ's eighth time on stock.  Grumpy would not look at Champ.  Champ is pushy like his mother.  He has a nose bite, a heel bite, and wool pull (only for the moment) :0)
While I was letting Trip run off some steam in the big arena, Mr. Know it all Champ jumped in the alley way and started working sheep on his own.  He had them flying.  Bad Champster.  I love it. He is going to be just like Kilt.  I like working Kilt the best of all my dogs.  Too bad she is way smarter than I am.  She is independent with a sense of humor.  Gotta love it.

Kilt looks "dainty" compared to her boys
These are STRONG pups built for SPEED.  One of the Kilt/Buzz pups running into you is almost comparable to being hit by a sheep.  Look at the heads on these boys and they aren't 11 mos. old yet.

Kilt having a little fun at Melodie's
Funny, funny Kilt.  Melodie has this tug hanging from the porch roof.  Kilt  may be 8 yrs. old this year, but she doesn't act her age.  That's for sure!


Jenny Glen said...

I'll have to remember to tell Scott that Trip is a Buzz baby! He started a Buzz baby for Peg Anderson a few years ago. We always said that dog had a big ol' pit bull head!

gvmama said...

Looking forward to seeing Scott again. I'll try to maintain and not break any ribs this time. LOL
I am working Kilt and also, have decided to work Champ with him, too. Sorry you won't be along, but it sounds like you had a nice Big Bear trip!

Karen said...

You can see the family resemblance, they are a good looking group!