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Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm probably missing a few good pictures, because it is difficult to sort through them since I take so many :0)  Even though the Butterfly Gardens were taken in Victoria (second stop) I am going back to our first "real" stop, Vancouver, where we boarded the Celebrity Millennium.

Just a pretty photo in the clouds on our way to Seattle.

This was our view from the Bayshore Westin.  We were like somewhere on the 20th floor in the most fabulous room overlooking the harbor.  This was the view from our balcony.  Talk about pampered.  The Westin is the BEST.  But, you pay $$ for the best.

Yep, now I know we are in Canada.

I just enjoyed the name of this small yacht. :0)
Vancouver has very tall buildings built right on the water front.
Night shot of the buildings and lights on the harbor.
We arrived a day ahead of schedule to pamper ourselves at the Westin.  That afternoon we decided to do the 8 K walkabout around Coal Harbor.  I believe we must have walked  at least a 10 K, because we didn't get back to the Westin until dark some 3 1/2 hours later.  And, our legs told us so!
On our walk, the rowing club.  Canadians like to row.   In fact, we were amazed at how many people were running, rowing, biking, and skating.
Just a pretty reflection as we were walking.
We came across a bunch of very nice totem poles.
We didn't see any salmon, but sure looked for them.
What's Canada without Canadian Geese?
Our walk is never ending, so I started playing with some of the neat features on my new digital camera.  I guess that's Vancouver on LSD.  Right about now, I wanted a drink.
We passed around the lighthouse as darkness was approaching.

The mermaid on the rock with a seagull perched on her head.
Starting to get really dark.   I'm loving the lights on the harbor.  There were lots of photographers with their HUGE cameras waiting to take photos of the lights on Coal Harbor.

This s where the Celebrity Millennium (our cruise ship) came into port.
My favorite photo of the evening.
I think we left around 5:30 to walk and got back to the Westin around 9 pm.  We ended up in the bar sharing a very light, but superb dinner and the best Long Island Ice Tea EVER.  Thank-you Bayshore Westin.  You were well worth the money.
The next morning we walked into town and bought bottles of liquor.  Our "wine" cruise allowed us to bring bottles on board.  That was a big money saver, because their drinks weren't cheap.  Not many people knew you could bring liquor on board.  We could have opened up a bar in our room.  haha
LOL...we have arrived.  Mary is unpacking.  Did we bring TOO much?  I guess you could say we did. We had to do a little rearranging to put some space between the beds, but we had a lovely balcony and spent quite a bit of time sipping drinks and taking in the scenery.
First night was a semi formal night on the ship.  We tried to take our own photos.  Because, they will kill your pocket book with how many photographers want to sell you their photos they have taken of you.  I think we only bought one photo.  We were lots smarter this time.  Hey, nice pic of me Mary....thanks...good job!
Mary and I used to work together in nursing many moons ago.  I assisted Mary while she went through her BSN program way less than she gives me credit for :0)  She went on into case management and now almost runs the place working from home.  She makes way more money than I do.  Good on you, Mary.  We see each other about half a dozen times a year, usually for dinner and a movie or we go to Grand Prix jumping event at the LA equestrian center.
Last year was our first cruise to Mexico.  This year was our 8 night wine cruise down the West Coast.  And, drum roll please, NEXT year, we are doing the Eastern Caribbean and then, maybe the Mediterranean the year after that.
Mary and I are fabulous traveling partners.  We like lots of the same things, but have no difficulty doing different things or excursions.  Plus, Mary is the SUPER planner.  I'm the loafer...just along for the fun and the ride.  Thanks Mary.  I love cruising with you!





Karen said...

It's always fascinating to see someone else's take on places you know. You've got me a little confused though. Victoria is on Vancouver Island. Vancouver is on the other side of the strait from Vancouver Island.

That is a lovely walk around Stanley Park. Larry and I biked it a couple of years ago. Lots of people make use of that seawall.
Glad you had a good time:)

gvmama said...

Well, thank-you Karen. I'm the worst at geography...just ask my husband! At least I knew I was in Vancouver. LOL We had a great time there. I'd like to spend MORE time there and in Victoria.
I remember your blog of riding your bikes there :0)