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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Porterville Fun Trial

I was so excited to find out that I had the Porterville fun trial weekend off.  I wasn't too excited to know that I had to work Thurs/Fri at the hospital and then, back for another 12 hour shift on Monday as charge nurse.  What will be, will be.
It only takes me 2 1/2 hrs. to get to Porterville.  So I left the house at 4:30 AM on Saturday.  I brought Kilt and Yoko with me.  I was going to bring Champ, but since I already knew I would  be tired I opted out of bringing him.  Good decision, Suzanne.

Grasses were a bit deep, but such a pretty sight.

The weather was gorgeous.  It was a bit steamy during the heat of the afternoon, but the evenings were cool.  Yoko and Kilt were in the open class.  Yoko actually was doing a fine job in her first class until she heeled a sheep through the first drive panels.  She also did some cheap shots and turning tail at the pen.  I hate that turning tail crap.  She usually does that when I am too hard on her.  I keep forgetting how soft a dog she is.  Even though she is soft she can move most stock.  I know I just haven't worked her much lately, so I asked if we could work the pens and set out for the other classes.  That was just what she needed.

Working the pens.  Come on girls...only 4 to a pen.

Yoko looking very  mature for 4 yrs. old

While the trial was going on, Tyson's goats were about to have kids.  I love goats.  Plus, his champion Suffolk's were birthing, too.  There is always something happening there.  I love to walk around in the mornings and evenings and just take photos.  Lots of photo opportunities. :0)

Champion Suffolk sheep


Ranch dog Kilt with sheep in the background.

Rosie...the "nice" guardian dog

The flock's "Mulberry" tree

I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew I didn't want it to kiss me.  (Bouvier)
Now, Kilt worked nicely (not great), but well enough to win the high combined open class.  The judges great granddaughter, Holly, had fun hauling Kilt around with her on Saturday.  Kilt is very tolerant.  Holly yanked her this way and that way, and Kilt went along with it.  Yoko, not so tolerant (at least with children, anyways).  But, now Yoko thinks everyone at any trial is her long lost friend.  She was a nippy thing for the first year and a half.  I couldn't trust her.  I can trust her with almost any adult now that she is 4 yrs. old.

A very tolerant Kilt with seven year old Holly

Going somewhere?

Holly says, "See sheep?"

Of course, this trial was not without some drama.  Drama seems to follow one around who has 6 dogs.  While Yoko was working the pens, I think she swallowed a bee.  She jumped int he air, yelped, and started pawing at her face.  Then, she started gagging and wretching.  I took her to the van, and popped her several benadryls.  I stuck my hand half way down her trachea and could feel nothing.  She was carrying on like she would croak.  I stayed with her until she seemed to quiet after about 90 minutes.  Her breathing was always okay. her tongue and gums had good color.  When she ate dinner, I knew I was out of the woods.  I gave her Benadryl for the next few days at least twice a day.
On day two, Kilt didn't want to disappoint me by working well for two days and was a complete jerk.  Yoko picked up the slack and placed 2nd behind Judy loftlin's lovely bitch, Ruby.  That's the nice thing about being able to run two dogs.  When one is an idiot, you always have a second chance with the other ;0)
Cheryl Necochea was there were several of her Welsh imports. They were gorgeous to look at and even more gorgeous to watch them on their stock. I was a bit envious. But, even so, she has her work cut out for her learning to handle them. :0) I'm still learning on the ones I have.

One of Cheryl Necochea's beautiful Welsh imports

Yvette Cook's Spike (He was the tiniest pup I had ever seen.  Who would of thunk...all grown up now)
Carie Bennett's Jig (with the hypnotizing eyes)

Judge and Judy Loftlin helping a newcomer in the Novice class

Karen Smith, Eddy; and Cheryl watching and formulating a plan on how to pen these dang flighty sheep.  LOL

Rhonda with Ziva (I think)  Rhonda won both of the PN classes with Jane.

 The nicest thing about Porterville are the people.  Jim and Sally Oxford treat everyone like a large extended family.  You can't help, but adore them.  They are the hardest workers I know.  So, I'm always happy when I can help out.  Plus, when I was setting sheep, I got to spend some time with Jim.  When I was at the top, I got to spend time with Sally.  Sally is the HARDEST working lady I know.  I absolutely love this photo I took of her. 

An amazing lady, Sally Oxford

P.S.  The "wonder wagon" again got me there without a hitch.  I love, love, love my camper van.

Next blog......Champ is on his goats and sheep.  Look Ma, no long line!

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