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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JUST plain FUN

I love teaming up with my dogs.  I enjoy competition, but not nearly as much as just working with them.  Competition is too CONTROLLED for me.  I'd much rather be loading, unloading, moving stock, etc. on a ranch.  One thing that is a pet peeve with me is that dogs (for the most part) aren't allowed to defend themselves when challenged in USBCHA.  I don't  mean "cheap shots,"....I mean in self defense.  If stock drops a head at my dog on a ranch, I expect that dog to take a nip to show them who is in charge.  I don't like a "pansy" dog...never have.
Or, I'd much rather be out in the desert enjoying the "vastness," the "quiet" and just plain enjoying watching my dogs work.  Even 'just hiking' would take precedence over trialing.  So, I guess I will never be a trial contender.  I don't trial enough to even be a finals contender.  But, that's okay.  I love rooting on my friends that get there.  I enjoy helping out when I can.  And, most of all I ENJOY my dogs.  Isn't that what it is all about?
I'm lucky that I have a ranch just 15 min. away from me with sheep, sometimes cows, and goats.  My dogs love it.  I love it.  It gives them the exercise they need and me, too. :0)  Now, if I had a horse, I think life would be rather "complete."
Just a few pics from today working at Task Farms. 

YOKO AKA Goat Girl

Yoko has everything under control.  Yo loves a good game.

Go Goat Girl!  You tell them :0)
Yoko is all about COWS.  Even on the other side of the fence :0)

Here she shows her half brother to stand quietly
Champ says, "Good Morning Mr. Angus.  How nice to meet you."
Mother and son take no prisoners

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