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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Out my back door

In stead of sheep herding on my day off, I decided I need to get in shape and took the dogs on an uphill hike to the Spunky Plantation.
I think Champ on the left is passing his mother in height.  I took the 3 youngest with me, Mama Kilt and her kids, Champ and Yoko.
This is Spunky Plantation.  The mountain behind it is Jupiter mountain.  For some reason, Jupiter has ticks, so in order to climb, I need a repellent on the dogs.  Very rarely do I see ticks in the rest of Green Valley.  I do NOT use any repellent for ticks or fleas on the dogs.  I have never seen a flea in 30 years.  Knock on wood :0)
A picture of the three in front of the plantation which is planted with Colter pine trees.
Colter pines have HUGE pine cones.  You wouldn't want one to fall on your head since they have rather large spikes.  I have these pine cones around my house as decoration.
Here are the three goobers....Yoko, Kilt, and Champ :0)
Looking down on Green Valley....Population of close to a thousand now..  It was only 400 when we moved here some 25 yrs. ago. Now you can see why they call it GREEN Valley.

That "bald" spot on top of the mountain in this picture is GRASS mountain.  That is a lovely hike from San Francisquito Cyn.  I can do it in a little less than three hours roundtrip.  You can't say I don't have places to hike.  No reason not be fit....other than eating too much and spending too much time on the computer.  LOL

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