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Monday, July 16, 2012


Whoa...work has been tough.  I took care of a 21 year old quadriplegic from a motor vehicle accident.  In a matter of moments, your life and the lives of those close to you are now changed forever.  I just can't even imagine and I take care of accidents like this all of the time.  It just makes you appreciate every darn day you get up. 

I haven't been working the "girls" but once a week or so.  This week I will try to get 3 works in on sheep, because this Sunday is the Paso Robles trial.  I have been a bit envious of my trialing friends and friends that write on facebook about working their dogs almost daily.  I just have been a bit too busy with life in general...if that makes sense.

I worked the hospital Sat.and Sun. I got up early this morning to take the girls over to Task farms.  We were through working sheep a little bit after 7 AM today.  I have to be a bit softer with Yoko.  She is such an obedient/want to please type of bitch (just like her sire).  Sometimes, I'm a bit loud with her.  I'm sure it comes from working her tough mother.  But, Yoko is willing and she rarely lets me down when it comes to moving difficult sheep.  She just does it in her own way.  She is very kind, she gives them a chance to change their minds.  I watched her work a single this morning outside of the arena.  She backed it some 20 feet, stood still offering it a chance to change it's mind.  When it didn't, she took a bite.  He went where she wanted him to after that.  She's a good girl.

Those aren't his normal ears.  They tip at the top.
Those are his EXCITED ears.  He knows his half sis is working sheep!

I have been putting in lots of hours with Champ.  This pup is so DRIVEN to work.  That doesn't make for a great family/backyard type of dog.  It reminds me when Jay Sisler (old cowboy/trick dog trainer) used to say..."Border Collies are the best for working stock, but if they aren't working stock, you might as well keep them locked up in a box."  Champ kind of falls in that category.  He can't STOP working.  He is always working.  That's why we call him ADD boy or RUBBERNECK.
If I take Champ to town with me, I try to bring old Jet along to teach him about manners.  Today I took them to Central Park.  There was a dog park (we watched from the outside) runners, kids, bicycles, riding lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc.  pretty mind blowing for Champ.  Jet didn't bat an eyelash at all that was going on.  Rubberneck would get pretty excited and then he would mellow right out walking along next to Jet. :0)

Champ is one HANDSOME boy

I got the new RV transfer of ownership today and insurance for my trip to Paso Robles this weekend.  I bought an RV camp site book for Calif. Oregon and Washington.  I also upgraded our AAA membership to include RV towing and tire changing (just in case).  Wayne put a rhino trailer hitch step up thingie for me on the back of the RV.  That way if I have the back open, I can easily get in and out.  Plus, he is putting in a back-up camera right now for me.  And....Tadaaa  I broke down and got a Magellan GPS.  It was bundled with the back-up camera.

I'm glad the small trailer sold.  That will be one less vehicle in the driveway. :0)  I'll try to pack a camera and take some pics this weekend.  My blog has been lacking in photos.  It's just that I lost my 2nd Canon pocket camera. That really pisses me off.  They just seem to disappear.  I best go check all of my purses (all 3 of them) to see if that's where it disappeared to.......I'm at least glad I bought it used on Ebay.

Be thankful.....thankful for every day you can enjoy.  :0)

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