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Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing Up

Hey, my boy is growing up...the Champster.  He developed a brain this month.  Good thing, since his first obedience class is next Tuesday.  He is listening and really trying to do what is asked of him.  I'm loving it.  He is learning stay, has a great lie down, a sit, shake, roll over, etc.  He now  needs to learn 'stand'.
He is also learning "follow" stay at my knee and heel on the left side and "side" which means stay at my knee and heel on the right side.  He has a fair recall by voice and even better one by whistle.  He now fetches tennis balls and puts them in a box.  He fetches anything and will put the item in my hand, but he does not have an official "hold."  He will still drop it if I don't take it from him.  So that is my work for this weekend!
Coolest news is that he understands to walk onto the front porch with the other dogs when asked and wait to hear his name to load up in the truck.  He waits, and he loads up on his own putting himself in his crate.  YEA!  I don't have to pick him up anymore.  Thank-you Champ!
I really haven't used a clicker much with him.  Possibly, I will bring one to obedience class this Tuesday.  I will bring his soft treats, a treat bag, a tug toy, and a tennis ball with me to class.  All of that should keep his attention.  He isn't that keen on treats if there are toys for rewards. :0)  I'm sure he will enjoy his class "social" hour just as much as I will.  Can't wait.

He is still pissed at me for not putting him on sheep when I take them to the ranch.  I walk him around on lead and let him look at the stock.  He pretty much wants to bite everyone on the nose, including the horses.  haha  Then I take him to the field and practice whistling and verbal recalls. I make him tie on a cable when I am working the other dogs.  I try to use my truck to break his line of sight.  When I praise the other dogs, he is a bit of a whiner.  He wants to be the one out there.  Can't say I blame him.
I want him to physically and mentally grow up before I put him on stock.  He has been wanting stock since 3 mos. of age.  I have arranged for Suzy Applegate to start him at 11 mos. in November.  I think she will be able to read him better than I since she owns the sire.  I don't want to take away the keeness by being too hard on him.  So, he is going away to sheep camp for a few months.  He is a super duper easy keeper.  I know he will miss me, but hopefully, not too much :0(
This weekend is the Porterville fun trial. I love going to Jim and Sally's ranch to work the dogs.  I will be taking the girls and Champ for exposure.  I am only staying for Saturday, but thinking seriously of going up on Friday and spending the night in my truck Friday night.  I will drive home on Saturday evening.  There is lots to do on the home front, so Sunday is a bit out of the question.  Looks like a great long weekend.  Hope you all have fun, too.

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