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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Champ's sleep-over

I decided to go to the Porterville fun match for just Saturday since Sunday is Father's Day.  The weather at home was beautiful, foggy in the morn, upper 70's in the afternoon.  I decided to take the girls, Kilt and Yoko and bring Champ along for the fun of it.
As I hit Bakersfield it was 99 degrees.  Shit Howdy!  When I looked at the weather report for Porterville, it said 104 degrees for Saturday and 106 for Sunday!  Yikes...I don't do well in HOT weather.  Plus, I had planned on sleeping in the back of my truck.
Can you say MISERABLE?  As soon as I arrived, water started pouring off of me.  Sweat from my brow was burning my eyeballs.  I set up camp under some shade trees.  I had one crate and an x-pen.  I left the dogs with lots of water and put them in crates.  Sally and I headed for the town of Porterville to go to dinner. Jean and Erin said they would watch the dogs in their crates making sure they had enough shade.
We went into town with a hankering for a steak.  We drove to our favorite haunt, the Oak Pit, to find out it has been closed down. :0(  Bummer.  So we drove into mid-town.  We saw an Italian restaurant that looked inviting, so I pulled over and parked.  As we walked to the the restaurant, we saw a sign that said "family steak house,"  across the street. We made a quick detour and ended up having dinner at The Cellar.  We both had the filet mignon and lobster.  The price was right and the food was GREAT.  How fun was that?
We headed back to our camp sight, Sally et al in their RV's and me sleeping in my truck.  The dogs were fine.  I put them all in an X-pen since it was much cooler than their crates.  I decided the girls could sleep in the X-pen and Champ could do a sleep-over in the back of the truck with me.  Hey, he was all for that.  The Oxfords have pastures of sheep and chained up guardian dogs.  The dog in the pasture behind my truck did his job well.  I don't think he stopped barking for more than 20 min. all night.  The back window in my truck pops out, so on occasion Champ would sit up and look out the window listening to the guardian dog.  He was a very good boy.  But, everytim he snuggled next to me it felt like his body temp was 100 degrees.  It made me sweat even more.
I was sweating like a pig. I got down to just my undies and the water was still pouring off of me.  I bet if I slept 45 min. all night it would not be an exaggeration.  Yuck.  At one time around 1 AM I thought about packing it in and driving home.  But, I knew friends were coming in the morning and I did so want to see everyone.
I'm glad I stayed.  Both Kilt and Yoko worked great.  I was tickled with both of them.  I had a glygogen drink ready for both when they came off the field to replenish their electrolytes.  Both are in superb condition. Champ had a grand time visiting with people and with new dog friends.  I took him to the trial tent so he could watch the other dogs working sheep.  Way wrong there.  The first time the sheep came around the post, he knocked me ass over tea kettle right out of my chair to the ground.  I had to remove him and put him in a crate back at the truck.  Sensory overload.  Later I brought him out and put him about 100 feet from the post.  He hit the end of his leash so hard he did a flip in the air knocking the wind out of himself.  Next time he thought about surging forward to get a better look at the sheep, I said, "Ah Ah, Mr.,  that will do."  That's all it took.  He let it go and turned to me.  Keen?  Oh yeah....no doubt there.  But, I want him to grow up physically and mentally before putting him on sheep.  I'm thinking 11 months would be a good age and I'm sticking to my guns.
P.S. I didn't take my camera with me, so no pics :0(  I stayed and had lunch with everyone and then made the almost 3 hours trek home.  I was never so happy to take a hot shower in an air conditioned house.
Nirvana.   :0)

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Donna Brinkworth said...

I feel like I was there, your description is so vivid! I can't remember the last time I was so hot. In a way I would like it for one day. Alberta is very dry. Sounds like at the end of the day, it was fun though! A good memory. Especially maybe that dinner, mmm. Funny, I was knocked down by a ram yesterday too! Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it, even without pics.