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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Rogue and Dustin, Jr.

Did I ever tell you how blessed I am to have one great son and one fabulous grandson?
I'm feeling very blessed today as my son, Dustin, Sr. CPO  is finishing up his 20 year career (a couple of more years to go) with the Navy aboard the USS George Washington. 
My grandson, Dustin, Jr. is an E4 in his 1st year as a Navy Hospital Corpsman.  Both make me so proud.  Plus, good choice of dog, Dustin, Jr.  A chip off the ol block, I'd say :0)


Karen said...

You would have never let him live it down if he got anything BUT a border collie LOL!

Yep, I've seen the videos of him loving it up with your's:)

gvmama said...

he and his finacee rescued the pup...must have been about 5 weeks old. They said it was an Aussie cross. I think Rogue is about 7 mos. now with the traits of a BC.:0)