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Thursday, June 28, 2012

2nd class

Champ having fun before class

I made sure that my goal for Champ at his 2nd obedience class was to have "FUN."  I arrived an hour early so he could warm up and play with other dog friends.
This time he was ready for the distractions.  I worked hard with him all week long.  We worked along side the class, but doing different things to keep Champ's mind engaged.  I took a small toy, his dumbbell, treats...you name it;  I had a back pack of things to keep him busy.  I didn't want him to disengage with heel/sit...heel/sit.  He will be ready for that when he is older.  For now, I want him enthusistic, happy, and eager to learn along with getting the benefits from the socialization of the class.  I think I achieved my goal this week.  He was a happy, busy pup.

This week I will work more on fetching different articles, possibly introducing him to the ring game.  He can play that with the others.  In fact, I may even try that this morning.  He loves fetching tennis ball and putting them in a box for me.  He may like to pass the rings.  We'll see. :0)

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