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Friday, April 27, 2012

TMT #15

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I'm sure this will make people want to throw-up.  I POP out of bed in the wee hours full of song and happiness!  My husband is the exact opposite.  This is the sign above our bedroom door. :0)

What is your favorite candy?
Can't just choose one.  Here goes:  Reeses peanut butter cups, dark chocolate, good n plentys, sugar daddys, and on occasion lickamaid (pixi sticks).

What is your biggest driving pet peeve? 
Not keeping a straight line!  Oh, you meant cars (silly me)...driving too slow in the fast lane!

How do you prepare yourself and your dogs for the summer?
Keep the weeds at a minimum.  We are in a huge fire area.  Plus, we have rattlers during the summer.
We keep our acreage very clean.  I want to see what is going to bite me!  Plus, my main trial dogs have their rattler vaccines on board. I have crates outside the dog runs in case of fire. I have a glucose/electrolyte powder drink for the dogs when they come off a big field event or even if just working in very hot conditions.  They always have lots of fresh, clean water.  Me, I try to minimize my beer and make sure I drink lots of water.  Plus, when working in the fields on livestock, I wear snake gators that protect my ankles and legs from potential snake bites.

Let's talk about grass in your dog yard.  Do you have any and how much maintenance do you do?
Hey, I live on a mountain.  DIRT.  We are backed on 3 sides by the Angeles forest. We have a little grass and lots of weeds that we keep low. But, with 3 acres, April, May, and June we are tractoring, mowing, grazing, pulling weeds, non-stop.  Sometimes I bleach (scrub) the kennels that have pavers in them to keep away ants.  Plus, some of our outside kennels have small mesh wire 2 feet high around the kennels to help keep any snakes out.  Am I paranoid?  You bet.

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Laura Carson said...

To me this is absolutely awesome - fascinating and awesome. We have like... copperheads and black snakes, and an occasional water moc. but no rattlers. Scary stuff, indeed. Thanks for the picture into your life!