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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Showing the lambs the ropes...

Yoko driving a group of lambs.  All 3 of my dogs are super at breaking in the lambs to respect dogs.   These lambs have been weaned just 48 hours.

Yo bringing them to the pens

Yoko squeezing them out of the corner.  Yoko is a heeler.  She knows I'd rather her push the babies versus heel the babies.  She rarely will take a nose...once in a great while. :0)

Yoko is thinking about what to do with a little face off.  I try to give her time to think versus nagging at her to bite a nose.  She usually figures it out.  She doesn't have her mother's presence or power.  She is spayed for those reasons. But, she is a nice bitch and fun to work. 

Moving them along the arena side.

Kilt is the best ranch dog ever.  She is so kind to the lambs as long as they mind her.

Here she is almost laughing trying to figure out if she should go over their tops to push them or underneath them.  She rarely heels, but I have seen her do it on occasion.  Jet is the heeler.  That's where Yoko gets it.  I can't tell you how much I love this bitch.

Kilt is pushing the lambs off the fence.

This knot head is facing the wrong way and sassing her.  Wrong move.  Kilt is very gentle unless she gets sassed.  Then look out.  She never backs down. 
She is worth her weight in GOLD!

And, that for you, you big knot head!  How about a little RESPECT?

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