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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Rambles

Easy day at work today.  Too easy.  It made my day drag on and on and on. I thought it would never end.  I didn't look out the window, because I knew it was 80 degrees and a GORGEOUS Easter Sunday.  I was already a bit saddened that I changed days with a friend because she wanted Easter off with her two year old.  I was sad because it was 80 degrees and I missed an unbelievable day on top of Spunky Plantation for the Easter sunrise service in Green Valley.  Usually there is a whole 15 to 20 people there. :0)  They put up a cross covered in fresh flowers and have a few people playing their guitars. 

One year when it was windy and bordering on snowing, some local kids tee peed the whole Colter pine plantation directly across from where we sit for the Easter service.  It didn't ruin the service.  Quite the opposite.  I thought it was really neat with all of the toilet paper waving in the breeze.  Quite artistic.  Made my morning even more special. LOL  While we shivered under blankets together singing hymns, ravens and hawks soared overhead.  It really is quite spectacular.  Oh well, I can do that any morning all by myself with a couple of dogs at my side.  I didn't want my co-worker to miss Easter with her toddler son. :0)

I have been going to sunrise services since I was a little girl. Even when my mother wouldn't get up that early in the morning, Pop and I always went to the Easter sunrise service where ever we lived at the time.
Each time I have Easter off from work it either snows or blows freezing winds atop Spunky Mountain.  This morning would have been awesome.  Murphy's Law. I almost thought about being late for work and driving to the top of the mountain just for a few minutes.  But, I thought better of it. 
When I got to work, I became a bit melancholy with all that has been going on in my life and went down to visit the itty bitty chapel we have in the hospital.  It was locked.  Geez, mapeez...Easter and the chapel is locked?  I called security and they unlocked it.  On my next break, I went down to the chapel and said a few words and expressed thanks for the way things turned out this year.

Anyways....I hope all my friends and family had a great day this Easter Sunday and took time to thank the Lord for all they have in their lives.   Even if just for a few minutes.  I know, I did.

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