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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dancing with Yoko

This is Wayne's therapy dog, Yoko.

While I watched Dancing with the Stars, Wayne was dancing with Yoko.
Those two crack me up!

How gorgeous was it today!

I love this ram lamb with his two black eyes.

This is Yoko practicing her "quick step" working JUST weaned lambs.

Yoko is bringing them to the pasture to work.

Yo did a fabulous job. 

So did her Mom, Kilt.

Champ (Wishful thinking) 
Sorry Champster.  You can't work until you have a brain :0)


Karen said...

What's your thinking on Champ's ears?
We've had some gorgeous weather too:))))

gvmama said...

I think they will be like his Momma's or just tipping. It's only my 2nd litter, so I don't know much. I wish they would stand straight up, because I think it would look so striking.