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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm so thankful my brother and his wife are taking care of business in Florida after the passing of our father.  They are both retired. It's weird when I think, "Gee, I don't have any parents anymore."  Very strange, indeed.  We had several auction houses come look at all of Pop's furniture.  Next week they will pick up everything and take it to auction in Boston.  Nothing earth shattering in the way of antiques or in money, but much easier to send everything they would take to auction. Jim and Linda have been sending me little knick knacks in boxes from time to time.  Things like old pictures, a few wooden toys I used to play with as a child, a ceramic Irish Terrier (our first dog) and stuff like that.  I laughed when I received a sign that said, "I'm a menace to sobriety."  I cried when I opened a coffee cup with 3 dancing elves on it, me, my brother, Jim, and my Pop.
Then, I wondered when I opened an 8X10 photo of my brother on his stock horse, Merino's Champ.  I had forgotten all about his 'Champ."  And, now I have named my puppy Champ.  Kind of serendipitous, don't you think?

Jim riding his stockhorse, Merino's CHAMP

Jim called me today and said he finally had a good idea as to what to do with the 7'10" sailfish I caught as a pre-teen in Florida coming in 2nd for the summer tournament that year.  My Pop promised me if I landed a sail, he would mount it.  It is probably one of the last REAL sails done by a taxidermist.  I think they just take a picture of them today and make it out of plastic.  Anyways, even though it is in great condition and absolutely gorgeous and probably worth some bucks, we have donated it to the Champer of Commerce in Stuart, Florida.  How cool is that!  They are going to disply it with a little plaque about where it came from.  Great idea, Jim.

It's a bit cut off at the top, but that's Pop and me in front of my sailfish :0)

The only real treasure of value to me is my father's wedding ring.  He has never taken it off since his marriage to our mother.  As he aged, he lost weight.  Even with his dementia, one day he freaked out because his wedding band wasn't on his finger.  Linda found it in his bedding and put a bit of tape around it so it wouldn't fall off.
When Pop passed away, I took his wedding band.  It is with great joy and with many good tears, that I will pass his wedding ring on to my grandson who is engaged to be married this fall.  I hope it will keep him safe in the military and bring him much happiness when he glances at the ring thinking of his Great Grandfather.

Now, Jim is trying to get a permit to have a yard sale to give away the rest of the stuff in the house that didn't go to auction.  Any clothes, etc. can go to places of assisted living and nursing homes.  When Mom passed away (she was ill for a long time) I brought home all of her beautiful bed jackets and gave them to hospice patients at the hospital.

We are still in transition.  It is so hard to lose your parents.
The reality of it all sucks  :0(


Doree said...

I'm so glad you're appreciative of all your brother is doing. The transition is so tough for everyone & esp for the one doing all the sorting, giving away & closing out. Wish my sibs had been as supportive.

Karen said...

It is a huge job. I will be in that process shortly. My sister is coming out for 6 days and we are going to go through all my mum's stuff. It is time to get her place up for sale. It will be difficult, mostly because my mum is still alive, and will have to have a say in what she wants to keep(with the limited room she has in the care home) and what happens to some other things. Then there is also the upkeep and repair of some things before we can sell her place, which will fall on me.
I found it interesting that you have to get a permit for a garage sale in Florida. Thankfully you don't have to do that here, as that is one option we might take.

gvmama said...

I count my lucky stars everyday that my brother and wife are retired and were able and willing to care of everything in Florida. HUGE...beyond words. Infact, I think I will send them a big bouquet of flowers today just to help show my appreciation!

gvmama said...

P.S. They need a permit, because of the community he lives in on the water. Most places don't require a permit :0)