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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gone Fishin'....

Instead of jest a wishin'.......Who said that?  Marlin Perkins?  Maybe he was the zoo guy and not the fishing guy. I don't know, but we all love to fish in this family, so that little jingle is always in the back of my head.
Wayne is going on a short fishing trip today.  I'm always pushing Wayne to DO something OTHER than WORK.  He is a workaholic.  Could be worse things in a husband, eh?  I'll thank my lucky stars.
He is taking the toy hauler, Mel's husband, John, is hauling the boat, and another engineer from Lockheed will be fishing with them.  The tournament starts Friday and goes through Monday.

Lake Isabella Trout Derby
"What is being called the world's largest amateur trout derby, the Isabella Lake Fishing Derby is now in its 23rd year. Held at one of largest fresh water lakes in southern California, located less than three hours north of the Los Angeles area. With over $250,000 in prizes up for grabs, the 2012event is looking to be the best yet."

John and Wayne caught lots of trout last year, but none with $$$ tags.  I am foregoing a great trial at Suzy Applegate's ranch, so I can take care of the home front.  It's way more important to me that Wayne gets some free time.  Wayne has a different strategy planned to catch the tagged fish this year.  John has bought a new fish finder.  Go GUYS...Bring home the MONEY!  Best yet, have some FUN.

Gee, I have the whole next 4 days off.  Good thing, because my legs ached all night from doing some heavy mileage in Intensive Care yesterday after another 12 hour shift in the step down unit.  Love my job, but so looking forward to being able to retire. 

Tomorrow, I will go over to Task Farms where they are having a 3 day Cattle Dog Trial.  I will help Mike with the setting of the cattle.  That means Mike and Sport will do all of the work and I will man the gates for him.  I will take Yoko with me, so she can visit, and Champ so he can socialize.  My dogs will work cattle, but I'm a chicken at the sound of "thump" when other dogs get kicked.  I have enough Vet bills, thank-you.

That's about it...nothing on the home front to report.  I found a vanity and mirror for the downstairs bathroom and need to find one for the upstairs before the demolition and remodeling of the bathrooms begin.  Trying to wait for a bit warmer weather since we will have to use the shower in the toy hauler!

Have a good weekend. :0)

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