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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday was agility day

Melodie Sudick was my helper getting the pups out to the agility arena on Sunday
Here she has both of the girls.  Funny, how the boys stick together and the girls stick together.
They are changing personalties all of the time.  Every day some are a little softer, or more assertive, but on the whole, I knew everyone's personalities by 4 weeks of age.

Champ and Trip waiting for the rest of their siblings to join them in the agility arena.

Melodie clicking for the tunnel.

Trip doing a two on, two off.  Click treat.  We aren't asking for any specific criteria LOL

Rumble telling Jet that he would like to do weaves as well as he can some day.
But, what the heck are these blue wires?

Mel clicking and treating a mob

JoJo (AKA Tuffy) getting a perspective on things.

Champ takes a moment to check out a wheel on the flat A-frame

All 5 pups on the run (Mel taking a break)

A family affair

Handsome Trip

Fly, the keeper of UNDER the flat A-frame.  She would entice her siblings under the frame and then attack them. Way to go Fly.  Her blaze cracks me up.  It looks like a dog bone.  We should have called her 'Biscuit.'

Jet shows Rumble the entrance to the weave poles

The tunnel is a great play place

That's a fly off Champ.  NQ / DQ
How come the only pup that is not a raven black is Champ?  HaHa
I haven't a clue if he is blue or black.  Time will tell.

Fly practicing her running contacts

I love how Rumble crosses his paws holding on to me (I needed a photo of that...thanks, Mel)

(Video) JoJo having some fun before we put them up for the night.  Notice how she takes a nip at Yoko for trying to spoil her fun.  I'd like to keep this pup.  She has a real soft side and a very tough side.  Her personality intrigues me. 

After putting the pups up for the night, we were treated to this awesome sunset from the back porch.


Karen said...

Good for you, those pups are getting off to a great start!

Beth in Middletown, Ohio said...

Please don't let the babies go.....!!!! They are so precious!

gvmama said...

I'm with you Beth, but I will keep track of them and post pictures as they grow up. :0)