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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Luncheon date at Mel's house

I wanted to take the pups for a crate ride, so I was trying to figure out what would be a great reward for the pups riding down our winding canyon road to town?  I called Melodie, who has Trip, and asked if my pups, Champ and Fly, could have lunch with Trip?  She said, "Sure," and invited me for lunch as well. :0)
I also, took Kilt and Yoko.  Mom and half sister Yo to the pups.  Yoko got her ass waxed earlier in the day by me for biting Fly.  Her punishment was to come along for the ride.  Kilt is now putting weight on her sore toe, but is still lame.  At least, she is touching ground with it now.  I knew she would enjoy the ride.
'Little Swiss Miss' Fly howled a good deal of the ride down the canyon.  Champ was unhappy that he was in the same small crate with her.  Yoko knew she was being punished for biting Fly earlier in the day.  It was quite comical.  I just cranked up Melissa Etheridge on the CD.

The pups were very happy to see Trip and Melodie.  Trip was very happy to see me and his fellow siblings.
Fly is giving Mel a little kiss on the nose.

Kilt was happy to race around on GRASS and have her pups running with her.

Lunch time together just like old times

So many things to do.  A wooden wobble board just behind them.
They are listening to Keira the GSD talking in the garage.

Melodie has a tug hanging from the porch way up high. 
Not even Kilt could resist.

The pups all joined in for a family tug.

Kind of a neat picture of Champ
He's a funny little thing.  I haven't a clue what he is going to look like.  I do know he will have a smooth coat and most likely, prick ears.  He and JoJo were the different looking pups.  It almost looked like there were 3 different sires in this litter.  Not like Kilt and Jet's pups....all 5 of those pups were very uniform.  They all looked like a blend of Mom and Dad.  We will just have to wait and see?????

Happy Kilt reunited for the afternoon.

Yoko got silly with Trip. She got down and played with him.

Pretty picture of Kilt and the kids

Fly and mama Kilt

My girls happy to be out in the sunshine with me.  Thanks Yoko :0)

Champ thanking Melodie in hopes of getting another invite.

P.S.  Not a peep out of either pup on the way home with several stops before we started back of the canyon.  They were plum tuckered. :0)


Karen said...

A great outing for all the dogs!
Did I miss something, what happened to Kilt's foot?

gvmama said...

Kilt reinjured her old broken toe playing. She 3 legged it for about 4 days, limped for another couple, and is looking pretty good now. She broke it at 12 mos in the sheep pens :0(. It gives her a hard time a couple of times a year.