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Friday, February 10, 2012

Jet and the boys

I'm slipping.  I didn't take photos of JoJo and Trip going to their new homes.  Both left yesterday. I swear these pups have ESP.  They both knew who their people were! Of course, Melodie has been visiting Trip every week since he was born :0)  But, JoJo met Dottie for the first time today.  Buster, Dottie's lovely male BC gave JoJo a very loving sniff and look.  I think he is a lot like ol' Jet....and will be lots of comfort for her in her new home.  I can't wait to hear how they acclimate to their new environments.

Okay....we are down to Champ and Fly.  As I mentioned in the above video, Champ, also, already knows that he is staying with us.  Dr. Pam is flying in from Pennsylvania next week and will leave next Saturday with Fly. Fly will accompany with her in the passenger section.  I will be clicking her for getting used to being in Trouble's sherpa bag!  Trouble's sherpa bag has come in handy before.  In Kilt's first litter, Moses at 9 weeks of age flew to Washington in her sherpa bag (kind of).  He got in the bag, got through x-ray, and on to the plane.  Jeanne made the mistake of taking him out to show him off.  He wouldn't get back in (it was a tight fit).  He rode the rest of the flight out of the bag. :0)

Pam wants her pup to have some coat.  I'm not sure any of these pups have any coat...well, maybe JoJo has Kilt's sparse coat.  I think the rest are smooth coated.  Pam said that one of her Vet techs asked her if she was buying a Greater Swiss Mountain dog!  I laughed so hard I almost spurted coffee through my nose when I read that!  Pam will love Fly, coat or no coat. :0)

I am looking forward to having the gruesome twosome (Champ and Fly) for the next week doing walking rounds about the property, etc.  Two are manageable.  Five were not.


Karen said...

I want to see more video of Xena having fun. She is such a great looking old lady lab!
Jet is good with the pups, and they are being pretty polite to him. Lots of good dog language being taught and learned.

gvmama said...

Lucky for us our canine elders, Xena, Jet, and Trouble are the VERY best of mentors. Easy keepers, obedient, and fun.