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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yoko unloading the sheep

I have seven great ewes now. Four Dorpers and three Barbados.

They have been wonderful to trailer out to the desert. Not too light, not too heavy. Plus, with the Barbs in the group, they shed easily. And, now without the big wether with them, they don't try to run you over to get back together in a group. Not too hot, not too cold....just right. :0)

I wish I had a tenth of the MUSCLE that Yoko has...She is like a body builder.

Plus, seven sheep is easy on our feed bill. I have very little space to work them on our mountain top. I can work them in the riding arena and graze them on the hillside. But, mostly they are for trailering out to the desert in the winter months. They have a pretty good life.

Walk-Up Yoko

Yoko has discovered that if she runs around the puppy kennel they will chase her from on the inside.  Things are getting fun around here!

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