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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tough girls

Everyday I try to give them something different and new to play with.  So far, they have shown no fear to anything I give to them.   They love to climb on stuff.  The boys remain fairly laid back.  Can't say that about the girls though. :0)

Someone asked me what we feed the pups?  This is week 3 and they are VERY excited about their 3 or 4 meals per day.  They receive rice cereal with water added, goats milk, and goat yogurt.  They digest the goat products wonderfully.  They get an occasional egg yolk and a couple of tablespoons of ground organ meat.
Next week when they are 4 weeks of age we will introduce Solid Gold puppy chow into the mixture.  By the time they are 5 weeks or so they can free feed on puppy chow.

I just wormed Kilt today.  I bet she barely weighs 30#  Her fighting weight is 34#  The pups will get wormed tonight and have their toenails trimmed for the third time.  Normally, around here, I don't worm anyone, anytime, after a year of age, unless I see just cause to do so.  No need to...all are healthy.  But, with mama and pups, it's almost a necessity.   Even if the mother does not have worms, it is likely she is carrying roundworm larvae in her tissues which can be passed to the pups ( that's why lots of pups have worms.)  The pups will be wormed at 3 and 5 weeks.  I will wait till 6 weeks to vaccinate.  I didn't CERF my last litter.  I may CERF this litter if I have the time.  Buzz is DNA clear and Kilt has a CERF from a few years back. I believe the CERF certifications are good only for a year if I remember correctly. 

I'm trying to work EVERY weekend, so I can be home during the week with the pups.  That gives Wayne a break.  I'll miss a few trials, fun things....but, all's well that ends well. :0)

The "TUFF" girls looking innocent on Trouble's living room couch.

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Karen said...

Cute! Getting a little agility foundation I see:)