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Friday, January 6, 2012

Sixteen Days

Poor Kiltster.....can't a mother get any rest around here?

All FIVE angels

Three amigos...two boys and a girl
I got lucky as these three pups started towards me at the same time. :0)

Last of the "daily" weights.  They are all two pounds plus.
Interesting, that all of the pups like the sling.  It must be very comforting. They all know Wayne.  I swear he handles them more than I do.  Wayne LOVES the puppies.

Kilt and Wayne thinking....finally, we get to sleep.
Kilt's not too spoiled ;0)

Do I have a favorite?  Yup.  Rumble.
He has an offset blaze and a bit of a different head than the others.
Should have I named him?  Nope. :0(


Karen said...

Maybe the weight sling has the same effect as swaddling a baby?
Like Wayne's sweatshirt and love Kilt:)

Bill said...

Great shots and good looking puppies! Ours does the same thing on the pillow when my wife is sleeping...great photo!