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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


OMG...don't let me take my camera up to the puppy room.  Hard not to when it's your bedroom.  :0) They are just so darn friggin' cute at 2 weeks of age now.  They are sitting like real pups and barking.  They are investigating new textures and sights.  Their noses work well.  As soon as Mom enters, everyone is on the full run now!  Wayne is outside as we speak putting up the puppy kennel outside.  Sometime around 3-4 weeks they will learn about the great outdoors.  Hope we keep having this magnificent weather for them.

Mom, I see a sheep over there. (First born boy)

Go back to sleep little boy (I call him Rumble)  I know..I know...I shouldn't name him.

But, Mom...wake up.  Look!

Hi Mom, did you seee a sheep around here? (Kilt's mini me female)

They are up and about at 15 days getting used to new sounds, new textures, a few toys, and a box for a tunnel.  They are getting more "hold" time and lots of snuggles.

Kilt watches as the smallest male creeps up on the sheep

Go to sleep Mom.  I'm a sheepdog.  I'll keep guard. (Diamond boy)

Tri-pod (largest male) investigates.

Wake up Mom!  I saw a sheep!

That'll do daughter.  There will plenty of time to work sheep later.


Karen said...

In your bedroom!!!? How do you get any sleep, surrounded by all that cuteness?:)
And that last picture...awwwwww:)

Anonymous said...

That last photo is great


gvmama said...

Karen...sleep? What the heck is that????????????