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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad to the Bone

Not really :0)  Today was such a lovely day outside that I moved the puppies to a kennel further away from the house.  This will give them more room to explore.  Kilt came and nursed them on the dog bed to make them feel welcomed and then barked at me to let her out of there!  There is a coolaroo in the kennel that they are having fun with going under and over.  They have their first water bowl which Wayne will take out as soon as he gets home.  Why?  Because he will be sure they will drown in it.  It's a spill proof water bowl and I give them more credit than my husband.  It's only a few inches deep.  I have a sheepskin rug and a large pail of water on TOP of the dog house for Kilt.  She needs to be able to get away from the puppies when she needs some peace and quiet.  The pups have a better view of the dog yard watching the other dogs play, plus, they can look down on the sheep.  Come five o'clock the sheep will come to them.  They come to the top fence to let me know they want to be fed. :0)   That ought to be an exciting event for them!

I only wish I could get a good night's sleep like Tri-pod. 
Pups are now eating moistened Solid Gold puppy chow with goat milk and water.  We are cutting way back on the rice cereal now.  Their teeth are in and they are using them!  I'm hoping my 'hot discs' show up by UPS today, so I can start leaving the pups out during the night.  I can't even go to the bathroom tip-toeing back in the bedroom WITHOUT five sets of PEEPERS staring at me.  It makes me laugh every time.  But, then it takes another half hour to get them to settle.


Karen said...

I'll bet any spare time you have is spent watching those pups:) I wouldn't get anything else done!

gvmama said...

Pretty much :0)