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Friday, December 23, 2011

Questions from Ann

Answers to questions posed by

Sitting down with a drink in hand by a toasty fire....here goes :0)

What is your perfect dog?
Pretty to look at, a ton of "want to," a team player, lots of come forward, loves to drive, stops on a dime, will move any confronting stock,comes with a natural pear shaped outrun, a dog I can ask and he will try...
yadda yadda yadda.....

What Kind Of Handler Are You?
Pretty laid back handler. Probably too laid back to be really competitive.

Do you like a dog that is really on the muscle?
Yes and no. Drive, yes; run through my commands, no.

Do you like a dog that needs a steady stream of whistles?
Not necessarily. They all are different.  Some dogs like to be micro-managed; others not.

Are you a maximal or minimal whistler?
A "midler." Bette Midler ;0)

Do you like a natural dog that feels the sheep and just needs a little direction here and there?
Who wouldn't?

Do you like a dog that prefers certain type of sheep?
I want a dog that can work ALL types of sheep AND all types of stock.

Do you like a dog that wants to partner up and be a really good team player?
I believe that's what it is all about. We are all looking for that perfect partner, 2-legged and 4-legged.

Do you like a dog that really knows what s/he wants and you, as a handler really has to manage?
Doesn't matter. They are all different. I LIKE a dog I can trust.

Do you want push?
Push and drive are good. Stylish is neat to look at. Yoko is upright and laid back, but if I need her to MOVE stock, she will get the job done. I do like my dogs to have some power. No likey "wimps." :0) 

Do you want a good listener?

Do you want try? (Not tri.)
Absolutely! All my dogs get an E for effort.

Do you like a dog who gets the job done, no matter the sheep, but it’s a big job to get that dog listening?
A-okay by me, but a bit difficult on the trial field. :0)

Do you want it all?
Nope. Only want to have a GOOD time. And, for my dogs to enjoy what they are doing. And, to get the job done.  An occasional blue ribbon doesn't hurt either.

Can you have it all? Since I don’t know enough to know what I don’t know, what do you want? What do you like?
I think you can have it all...but it's kind of like a crap shoot. If this were my "profession," I would sell off the dogs that I didn't care for and keep only the perfect partners for trialing. Since my dogs are my pets first, if they don't have exactly what I want, they are staying with me regardless. I neuter/spay the ones that don't have exactly what I would like to see in a working dog. I can learn something from ANY dog. It's all about the journey. And, sometimes getting something out of a dog that showed little talent in the beginning is quite satisfying.  This is not my profession.  It's a much loved hobby.

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Ann said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Good answers.