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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Desert fun

Way in the distance is Stacey working Molly.  I think that is Kilt watching.  We went to the desert this morning prepared for COLD.  It was in the 30's, but without a breath of wind.  That made it feel about 50 degrees.  I chose to go a flat area of the desert instead of the hills where I normally go.  Why?  Because I have developed Retrocalcaneal Bursitis in my right heel.  OUCH.  It's kind of like a tendonitis of the achilles tendon.  I think it is from living in my Ariat boots.  Thank God, I wear clogs at work.  Walking hills is out of the question for awhile, until this bursitis settles down.  Shit, I'm OLD.  I hate crap like this.  But, I will roll with it.  I'm used to rolling with the punches. :0)

Jet and the girls watching Melodie and Stacey work their dogs.  I love having friends come work with me in the desert.  The only thing I ask is that someone bring lunch or breakfast...doesn't matter which...just bring something to eat.  Payment in FULL. :0)

We are eating lunch while Yoko, Jet, and Kilt watch the sheep.   Later I worked all 3 of my dogs on the flock in a circle around them at the same time.  I am working on all of them giving me more of a "bend" out when I flank them.  I know, I know...sheepherding 101....who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  LOL

Stacey enjoying the show while having lunch.

Wayne welded a rack to put my panels on the stock trailer.  Tom Spencer made my panels.  I LOVE them.
We had fun doing some long outruns while working on our fetches.   Plus, later we did figure eights around the fetch panels.  This is a GREAT exercise.  I believe Stacey said, "Hmmmmm, you made that look so easy."  She got it together very nicely with Molly, and Ty did well, also, with Mel.

Good friends, Good weather, Good food, Good dogs....doesn't get much better!


Karen said...

What a wonderful day!
I know what you mean about the wind.
When we get cold clear weather here in the winter, it often is because of what are called outflow winds bringing cold air from the interior of the province. When we get sunny and cold (for us) weather like we are getting now, with NO wind, it is just lovely:)

gvmama said...

I can do 30's/even 20's easy with no wind. Throw in a wind chill factor and I get a bit wimpy...seeking shelter :0)