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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter time

I am such a winter person.....well, since I live in So. California. :0)  I love cold weather...to a certain degree.

The other day, Melodie, Wayne, and I went to the desert for the first time this winter.  It has been an unseasonably warm winter thus far and with Wayne being ill and with work, I have had no time to trailer out.  Finally, we had a chance to load up the sheep and go.  Oh!  What fun we had!  The sheep were seriously excited.  They loaded up in the trailer in 2 seconds.  They couldn't wait! 
When we reached our destination, the sheep ran and jumped in the air like kids at Disneyland.  I had to get two dogs out to flank each side immediately to make sure I didn't lose them.  It took them about 10 minutes to settle down. 
After they realized the game plan, they were happy to oblige.  We chose a place that has a dirt road that goes for about a mile to nowhere.  What a great road for teaching Mel's novice dog, Ty to drive.  Plus, a great road for Yoko to stay on the straight and narrow behind her sheep.  We worked with Ty on some outruns and started his inside flanks.  He's a smart cookie and oh, so thoughtful.  Kilt held sheep for Ty and enjoyed being out in the sunshine (on sheep).

Still watching and waiting on Kilt.  She is due Dec. 21st.  Much to our dismay, if she has more than just a couple of pups I'll be surprised.  We were so hoping for another litter of six like she had with Jet.  She has filled out a little, her nipples have enlarged, and she is being quite maternal in nature, but she is still whippet like around her waistline. :0(   I opted not to ultra sound her and most likely will x-ray around day 57 to see what's up.  Hopefully, there is not one huge monster in there. Such a shame because we have six wonderful homes lined up for her pups by Buzz.  Three more weeks to go.  Watching and waiting. 

Just starting to look at the USBCHA site and deciding where I would like to trial in 2012.  I already put in for vacation for Sonoma in March.  I'm so sad that I don't see Zamora on the USBCHA trial schedule.  I have NEVER been to a trial that I like more than Zamora.  The outrun at 700 yards there in the green pastured hills is incomparable to all of the other trials I have been to.  And, quite frankly, I was thinking about running Yoko in open and letting her do the 700 yard outrun.   I know she can. :0)   Also, I'm thinking about going to Colorado and New Mexico in May.  And, then possibly Lacamas in August.  I had a great time there last year.  I don't think I'm a whole lot of competition for anyone, but quite frankly, I do it for the FUN.  Gosh, I LOVE  my dogs.  I do my own training and have a blast with them, win or lose. :0)

Enough blogging...time for me to start decorating for the holidays :0)

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