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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kilt.....progress note

It has been two weeks since we bred Kilt to Buzz (counting from the 2nd trip).  Is she pregnant?  I think I can say she is.  She is being a bit needy which is pissing Trouble off.  Trouble likes to run the show. She threw up once, dry heaves once, and has been burping a lot.  Wayne remarked about the size of her nipples.  Haha...leave it to a man to notice that.

Kilt...Mother extraordinaire. Still is to this day with Yoko.

Nice to see SIX of Suzy Applegate's breedings in the double lift finals at Spencer's trial up north.  Someone remarked that it says a lot about her breeding program.  Indeed it does, and I'm happy to be aboard!  I guess this means I have to start hauling out the whelping box, find all of the missing pieces, and start thinking about a winter kennel on the covered porch for when they are out of the whelping box, etc.

People asked me why I didn't breed her sooner to Buzz since I have been contemplating it for several years.  I'll tell you why.....because it is so much responsibility and work!  But, we are gearing up to the challenge.  I don't think an ultra sound will be needed, but I may think of a digital x-ray to count when we are getting close.


Karen said...

Christmas puppies:)

gvmama said...

"Normally" we spend a couple of weeks at the beach for Christmas. We will take a 4 day mini vacation to the Kern River with all of our furry family for Thanksgiving. Then I think we are home for awhile :) I'll be working all weekends to be home with Kilt and pups.