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Friday, November 18, 2011

Frank Friday

Many people think 'any' open trial dog can get the 'ranch' work done. Key word is 'any.' Most open dogs are very helpful with farm/ranch work. But, I believe there is a difference in trial 'finesse' and ranch 'grit.'

I am learning all the time. And, over the past year or two I have learned that many ranches have a "chore" dog. This chore dog may be just as or more talented than the open trial dog.....BUT.....the chore dog figures lots out by himself and knows how to get the work done effectively. How the chore dogs works on the ranch, may not be exactly what you would want to see on the open trial field. 

I think Kilt falls into that category...chore dog.  She finds trialing a bit boring.  But, she is my right hand/arm for anything to do with ranch work.  She is a "thinker."  I love to take Kilt with me to the barn in the morning to feed the sheep.  She never riles the sheep.  She stands nose to nose (maybe an inch between, if that) with our big wether and holds her ground.  She is quiet and slinky.  She is the best pen dog I have ever seen.  When any stock task is too big for the others...Kilt will take on the job.  She loves a challenge. 

We are all different. Dogs are all different. You have to know what is important to you.  Kilt is my partner. I would be hard put to replace her. 

Special "K"

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Karen said...

Lol, love that nickname!
Luna is quite often Luna'tic' or more affectionately Luna'ticky'
PS Hope Wayne is getting better.