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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cousin Itt and Baby Itt

This is Cousin Itt (named after the character in the Adams Family) joined by Baby Itt along side of it this year.  As you can see there is no room for anyone to walk anymore.  The dogs run this path at neck breaking speed.  I'm afraid we are all going to crash.

Notice the resemblance?

I got out the tree trimmers and said Good-Bye to Cousin Itt.  All that is left in this picture is Baby Itt.  Baby Itt isn't going to be long for this world, either. 

So that's where that Holy Roller went to!

Look at all of those branches.  The easy part was cutting them down.  The hard part is bundling them and getting them down to the dumpster.

I'm LOVIN' it (Good-bye to the other Itt's)  Look at the room to walk and run. 


Karen said...

What kind of plants are the Itts?
It's always nice to find lost dog toys. I figure we should have lots and lots of those orange street hockey balls around here somewhere, courtesy of our black Lab Echo, but I've started to think that they must just decompose:)
And wow, those are some humungous pine cones!

gvmama said...

Gosh I wish I could remember. It grows like a vine and has a zillion little yellow buttercup flowers. The pine cones are from COULTER pines, a native pine tree to So. California. Huge pines, long needles and gigantic pine cones!