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Friday, November 4, 2011

Aloha Jeff and Flo

Our dear friend Jeff is moving today to Hawaii.  It is difficult for me to even write these words.  Jeff is a true friend.  We all had one thing in common....the love of our dogs.  It didn't matter if we led different lives, had different interests, we always remained the best of friends.  That is TRUE friendship.

Jeff, Doug, and Denise

We had a little going away party the other night for Jeff.  His fiancee and some of the dogs are already in Hawaii. We met over a decade ago in Melodie's agility class.  We did many agility trials together over the years.  We would go to Jalama Beach together more times than I can count.  We would take long hikes together.  We would barbecue together.  I have 100's of photos of us together.

John and Melodie, Me and Wayne

Jeff has Flo, Yoko's sister.  He ADORES her.  He picked her out the day she was born.  Jeff and Flo had to stay behind another couple of months because Flo didn't pass her rabies titer.  Flo is ready to accompany Jeff to Hawaii today.  I'm sure his fiancee and other dogs will be glad this is the final trip.  Lori and the other dogs moved over to Hawaii several months ago. 

We'll miss Jeff, including all of the dogs.  Jeff used to house sit for us when we needed to get away without the dogs.  Jeff, I'll really miss that!  Well, this will give Wayne and I a reason to go to Hawaii...to visit you and Lori.  We wish you all the HAPPINESS in the world.

Jeff gave us all of his dog beds and puppy pens.  Everyone is sooo HAPPY.

We will miss you Flo.  But, we know you have the BEST home ever.  I'm glad you are small, so you don't have to fly in cargo.  You'll love the beaches in Maui.

And, when you see a sunset like this in Hawaii, please remember us and Jalama Beach.  We will be thinking of you.

ALOHA dear friend

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