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Monday, October 3, 2011

Porterville Fun Trial

Saturday I drove up to Porterville for a fun trial.  You can't help but LOVE the Oxfords, Jim and Sally.
They have a great field, good sheep, and fabulous lunches.  They host several large USBCHA trials throughout the year and about 3-4 fun trials throughout the year.

They have field after field with sheep and some goats.  These sheep weren't participating in the trial and took to shade under the big tree very early in the morning.  Saturday was a bit hot and muggy.

Yoko is squinting in the sunlight, but I love the wool that clings to the fences......miles of it.

To the left is the "Lombardi Tower" where you can climb up to be able to see your dog when he takes off on his outrun.  I used to be intimidated by the tower, but now I stay up there until my dog is through with their crossdrive.  I really like the tower.  They even added a little umbrella to it.

One of the many guardian dogs.  There is one dog per field and there are quite a few fields.

The first set of sheep comes into the exhaust.  They are met very happily by their guardian dog!
Do you see him?  Look for his tail!

They have a lovely tent set up for the exhibitors.  Some trials are hot, some are rainy.
This is the greatest place to come train your dogs and trial.  Plus, the San Joaquin Border Collie Club has the NICEST people ever.  No 'egos' here.  Everyone is complementary and FUN.

I hadn't planned on staying for Sunday.  But, I did bring a sleeping bag and pillow with me in my truck (just incase). Sally and Mike invited me for dinner. "Sally Burgers" were on the menu.  How could I resist.  Cold beer, good friends, and Sally burgers.  Yoko was happy to see her friends, too.  Pictured above giving Sally a hug. 

I'm not sure Jennifer wanted both of my girls in her lap.  Kilt was getting tired of Sport (blue merle) pursuing her in a very manly fashion.  She took to sitting in Jennifer's lap to get away from him.

Walking back to my truck.  Ghost dog (guardian dog) in the middle of the drive.

Good morning.  Jennifer Moening pampered me by bringing me coffee to my back window Sunday morning.
That was my view down the orchards.  The Oxfords have olives, oranges, grapefruit and more.

I just took Yoko and Kilt with me to the trial.
Kilt's first run was outstanding in every way.  Infact, I was almost in disbelief.  She took every little whistle. Her 2nd run she reverted back to her old ways. 
Yoko ran through most of her whistles in her first run and straightened up a bit better for her 2nd run.
Yoko took 2nd place in Ranch (Pro-Novice for open handlers plus this class has a shed ).  Judy Loftlin took 1st and 3rd with Nash and Ruby.  AM and PM scores were combined.  Yoko was one point behind Nash.

Kilt took 2nd in open.  1st went to Chris Guzman and Bo.  3rd went to Lasoya Lerma and her Beau.  Mike Burks was the judge.  He did a nice, consistent job.

Sunday morning I asked for NO SCORES for both my girls.  I took in a training aid (orange flag) to the post. I hid it under the tower. I came onto the field like I was trialing competitively with crook in hand.  First whistle Yoko ran through, I surprised her with the flag.  That's all it took.  She worked like an open dog through out the rest of the run including a portion of a maltese cross, pen, single.  I did the same with her mother; the first down that she didn't take on the whistle.  I left the tower (post) and ran down the field to her.  I'm hoping that will leave a few lasting memories with both of the girls.  Both take advantage of me :0)

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Karen said...

Great story, great pictures, and what a great place. Sounds like a really wonderful weekend!
Hope both girls remember their 'orange flag' lessons:)