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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Bart Thinks

Bob says his dogs learned to sort by 'Boolean  Algorhythm.'   Bob likes to use BIG words.  We are always discussing whether his dogs really know what they are doing or if his dogs are just guessing which toy goes where.  Make that...."I'm" discussing it.  Bob is sure his dogs know what they are doing.


The above video shows a poodle learning to match by shapes.  I showed this video to Bob.  He said he wouldn't INSULT his dogs by making them learn in that method.  I told him "insult" was a human connotation.  Dogs don't know "insult."

Bob came back and said, "PERFECTION" is a human trait.  Dogs don't know perfection.  I think he got me on that one.  I love Malibu Bob because he always challenges me to THINK.

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