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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few thoughts on a foggy morning with a cup of coffee

I have really enjoyed being off from work for my broken ribs.  I know....bad me.  Yes, I miss my co-workers, but I haven't missed "Oh, my aching back"  "My aching neck"  "My tired feet," etc.  My body feels rejuvenated.  I have had time to do nothing.  Well, almost nothing. :0) 
My dogs have so enjoyed having me home with them.  I have even done a little cooking from time to time.  I have been able to read to my heart's content.  I love to read, but sometimes when I am working at the hospital, I'm too wiped out.
Right now, while I am watching Dancing with the Stars, I am reading Chaz Bono's latest book.called Transition.   I have always been a big Cher fan, so when she showed up in the audience to watch him dance on the 3rd week I found it very touching.  I'm sure the loss of Sonny even though they were not married anymore and then coming to grips with your little girl wanting to transition from lesbian to now wanting to become a man was more than anyone wants to deal with in life.  She has handled it graciously.  I can't imagine how hard it is on a person (Chaz) knowing that something isn't right and that you don't fit in for almost half of your life.
I'm pretty sure Chaz will be leaving Dancing of the Stars this evening.  He surely got the "empathetic" vote to keep him on this long.  That's okay.  He got my vote, too.  I don't actually pick up the phone to vote, but in my heart he is a winner.  It took a ton of courage to do what he did.  He isn't exactly tall, dark, and handsome.  More like, sensitive, kind, and pudgy.
Coffee time is over.  Must feed the sheep and clean their barn.  The propane gas guy just showed up.  Please only give us 100 gallons!  OMG...what is up with the price of propane?  I guess it's a good thing I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks.  SIGH.

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