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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wayne is home :0)

Wayne is home. It sounds like he had a great time in Florida caring for Pop. I loved the story about how he and my brother were sweating their you know what's off trying to fix a broken cable on the dumb waiter. After spending half a day working on it, Dad leans over the dumb waiter chute from upstairs and calls out to my brother and my husband, "It looks like you two could use some expert professional advice."  Pop, at almost 95 yr. of age with dementia, still hasn't lost his great sense of humor! Wayne is still laughing about that comment.
The front of Pop's house

The back of Pop's house on the Indian River

When my brother and his wife got back from Martha's Vineyard, he and Wayne went out on the Lady Stuart deep sea fishing for a half day.

I'm sure this is the boat they wished they were on. :0)

"Beam me up Scotty"
Even for a non camera person, it's hard not to take a good photo of the ocean in Florida.

They caught oodles of little bass, snappers, jacks, and trigger fish.

Here's the little princess, Jules.  Along with caring for Pop, Wayne got the Chihuahua, too.  She would have nothing to do the bully stick we brought her and then pooped next to Wayne's bed just to tell him what she really thought of the whole dog sitting arrangement.

But, all in all, I'm sure Wayne got lots done around the homestead in the way of electrical work.  Plus, he got to visit with Pop, nap with Pop, watch TV with Pop, eat with Pop, etc. etc.  He seemed like he had a really great time.  I knew he would.  It's just hard to to get him to go.  Once there, he always has a good time.  ;0)

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