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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tell me Thursday

Questions from Crooks and Crazies  http://crooksandcrazies.blogspot.com/ 

1. What movie do you love but are too embarrassed to admit you love it? 
It's a real "oldie."   But, as a child I watched it over and over again. 
Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, a 1948 fantasy film starring William Powell and Ann Blyth in the title roles.
Mr. Peabody goes on vacation with his wife Polly (Irene Hervey) to a Caribbean resort. While there, he hears singing coming from a distant key (small island) and takes his boat to do a little fishing. To his surprise, he reels in Lenore, a beautiful mermaid played by Ann Blyth. Although mute, Lenore is mischievous and childlike and more than a little bit alluring – so much so that before long Peabody has taught her to kiss. He hides Lenore by letting her soak in a suds filled bathtub then later in the resort’s fish pond. But confusion ensues as his wife thinks he has a big fish in their bathtub and later suspects him of infidelity with Cathy Livingston (Andrea King), a vacationing singer. Things get even more complicated when, after Polly returns home without Mr. Peabody, police suspect him of murder.

At the film's conclusion, Arthur Peabody and his wife are happily back at home in Boston with only Lenore’s comb left to prove the reality of his adventure.

2. Ann wants to know: How far do you drive/travel to attend trials, clinics, lessons? How far is too far?
How far is too far doesn't enter the equation.  How much $$ is too much $$ is more like it.  I haven't won the lottery yet. AND, T-I-M-E off of work.  They all think I'm nuts at work. 

3. What is your theme song (circa Ally McBeal)?
I don't even know who Ally McBeal is, so I guess my theme song would be "RAWHIDE."
Rolling, rolling, rolling......

4. Laura S wants to know: If you had to choose a new dog activity, one that you had never done before, what would you choose?
Too cold and too hard on the dogs to consider the Iditarod.  But, I like to shoot, so I'd like to have myself a good duck hunting retriever dog.

5. What would your dog choose (or scribe, if you're Pippin)?
Hmmm Pippin'...like the musical?  Pippin'? Ally McBeal?  Hey, these questions are too complicated for me!
My dogs would  probably like to put the shoe on the other foot.  They would like to train me and treat/feed me as they saw fit. :0)  I'm sure I'd be alot skinnier.  And, they would ALL sleep on my bed and I'd live in a cardboard box.


Doniene said...

I agree, if I had another dog for another dog sport it would definitely be bird hunting!!! but mine would be an Irish Setter!! I wonder if Irish Setters and Border Collies get along.....????

Love the pics of your dogs!

gvmama said...

Doniene...is there any breed that doesn't get along with a BC? :0)

Catalina said...

Ah! Now I'm scared thinking about my dog being in charge of feeding me! Would she make me do tricks in public for my dinner? Horror!

gvmama said...

LOL..you might be more horrified about pooping and peeing in public.

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Hi gvmama,

I'm Pippin--my scribe helps me keep my blog. I like Rawhide, too. Wait, is that a song?

Laura Carson said...

I was having a bear of a time with blogger last week, but looks like it might let me log back in now.

Right now the $$ is more an issue than the distance, too. But it's all so relative.

Thanks for playing!