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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bon Voyage

Wayne is flyng to Florida today.  My brother and his wife are taking a vacation (Martha's vineyard).  Wayne is going to do some electrical work at Pop's house while caring for him.  I think it has been almost 2 years since Wayne has seen Dad.  I'm so glad he is taking this opportunity.  Wayne is a work-a-holic and rarely takes time off of work.

Even though Dad has announced that he would like to live until 110, I think it's a good idea to see as much as possible of him as he nears 95 yrs. old!   Even with dementia, Pop still has the best humor ever.  I chatted with him the other day on the telephone and he said he wasn't sure how to keep Wayne busy enough while Jim and Linda are gone. :0)  God love him.  Wayne will be busy.......making 3 meals a day for Dad and himself, laying out Pop's clothes, making sure he takes a shower at least every other day, doing small electrical jobs around the house and, drum roll please.......FISHING.  All he has to do is walk 50 feet to the Indian river (if that)and cast a lure.  The fishing there is awesome!

I'm packing some treats and bully sticks for the neighbors JRT, Scooter.  Jim and Linda will be taking the Chi with them on their trip.  Jules, the Chihuahua, doesn't get along with Scooter.  With Jules gone, Scooter can come for daily visits.  I packed a camera with Wayne.  I told him he can't come home without at least 20 photos.  I have to threaten him or he will come home with NONE.

Pop and Scooter


Karen said...

How nice of Wayne!
Do you think your dad will remember who he is?:)

gvmama said...

Pop doesn't remember my son or grandson, but he REMEMBERS Wayne. Maybe, because they are all in the aeronautic engineering field?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Hope they have a good time