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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was glad that I was able to "audit" the first day day of the Scott Glen shedding clinic.  That's all I really needed to do to"drive the point home."  I didn't quite understand the "crossing of the boughs."  But, I do now.  I understand to GO TO MY CORNER.  This way it gives the dog room to come in behind you.  Hopefuly, this method will create some enthusiasm and help speed Yoko up.  I've listened to this method explained to me and I have read about it, but until you see it happening in person, it is difficult to understand.  Scott gives a very clear explanation and is a wonderful clinician.  I am anxious to put it to work.

The other great thing about the clinic is that there was a Beardie and an Aussie in the shedding clinic.  Both were as good as the Border Collies that were participating.  I love to see that.  Plus, they were using  Cheviot lambs that were quite cooperative.  Yoko got to help with rounding up the lambs and keeping things in an orderly manner for the people that had working spots.  This was good experience for her.  Yoko's brother, Moses, was in the clinic.  He has soooo much talent.  He should be running in open.  Almost makes me want to repeat the breeding. :0)

Moses (Yoko's litter brother)

P.S. Whoo hoo.  I finally found the 'missing' piece to my shedding.
"Walk to your corner"....needed only to take a few steps to my corner and the dogs flew in behind me.  This will clear up any misunderstanding about turning on the wrong sheep. 
That was one day of auditing VERY worth while!


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Monique said...

Glad you enjoyed the clinic. Scott's shedding clinic at Fido's was the first clinic I ever went to with Lucy - and I knew exactly zero about shedding and came away with a rudimentary understanding. I have a long way to go but boy does he do a great job teaching this skill!