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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm thinking....

...that could be dangerous.  I am so fed up with the economy today.   I have noticed my underarm deodorant is coming in a smaller package and carries way less deodorant for a greater price.  It seems between my hubby and me we need another stick in a couple of weeks.  Didn't that stuff last forever way back when?  Plus, make-up...forget it...way too pricey. All of my favorite restaurants have decreased their portions and have raised their prices.  And, so has everyone else.  Grrrrrr.

I just had Jet's teeth cleaned for the second time in his life.  Normally, they look beautiful with a bone or two, but he had a bit of a dark line of crud at his gum line.  I took him in to have his teeth cleaned by ultrasound/no anesthesia.  It usually costs $90 for the first visit and $50 thereafter IF you come every month.  Miss a month and you are back up to the $90 fee. 

I take Jet in and two pimply faced kids come out and get him.  Ten minutes later they are back and say, "Wow...he's a great dog.  He didn't move a muscle.  That will be $95.00 dollars.  We accept cash or check ONLY."  They were lucky I had a check with me.  But, $95 dollars for 10 minutes???  Yes, his teeth look nice, but come on, that's a bit ridiculous.

I am now researching Amazon.com for an ultrasound dental device to do my own dogs.  We are talking basically, TROUBLE (our JRT) here.  She just got through gingivitis, lost 3 teeth, and had a deep cleaning at age 9.  Not even 6 weeks later her teeth look horrible.  It's what I call "little dog syndrome."  All I can say is that her grandmother who lived till 23 yrs. of age must have been toothless!  Anyway, the Vet wants some $600 twice a year to do a deep cleaning and I already told you the price of the 'no anesthesia' Vet place.

I'm thinking about retiring from nursing and starting up a Doggy Dental Service.  $95 for 10 min. sure beats what I am making.  And, I'll charge alot less and tell a few jokes if you'd like.

P.S. All my Vet friends said...forget that Suzanne.  First of all, if you ultrasound, scrape, etc. and don't polish you set up an environment for bacteria to grow.  You can ultrasound all you want, but it won't help a dog such as Trouble with gingivitis.  She needs anesthesia and deep cleaning under the gun line :0( 

Hmmmm Maybe I can look for a polisher :0)  Still thinking about it.

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Karen said...

$90 for 10 minutes, sounds like highway robbery.
Good luck with your plan on being a dental hygenist. Don't see why there couldn't be such a thing. There used to be guys that did nothing other than travelling around taking care of horses teeth, and they weren't vets. I wonder if they still exist?