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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What diet?

A typical Florida breakfast.  Pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, syrup and whip cream.

Dinners were to die for.  Look at these kabobs.  Oh my!

That's how everyday was while I was in Florida.  Wonderful breakfasts, small lunches with cocktails and then dinners to die for.  Oh, and desert time every night....fresh homemade vanilla ice cream with rum, chocolate cake, key lime pie, homemade cheesecake with cherries on top...the list was endless.

THANK-YOU Lord for only letting me gain 5 lbs.  It was worth every OUNCE of it.  Now back to my usual diet.  Eat right, Exercise, and DIE anyway.  That's always been one of my mottos.  When I go on vacation I'm not about to count calories.  :0)

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Karen said...

Sometimes for breakfast, but more likely supper, we have pancakes, cooked and thickened fruit (usually blueberries) and yogurt. I love bacon, but we never have it in the house.