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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A few Floridian pictures

This sign was outside my favorite New England fish market

Atlantic Blue crabs caught in crab pots 

Click/Treat Mr. Squirrel

My neighbors JRT, Scooter, visiting (through the window)

My favorite first mate on the Lady Stuart (Cory)

A rather LARGE woodpecker

Photo taken at low tide through the piers

Wild parrots (hard to see in the sea grape trees)

Ibis bug hunting in the back yard

A lone pelican waiting for a handout

A Great Egret

Ripe mangoes every day I was there!

While daydreaming this cloud appeared.  It looked like a Moose :0)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Great pictures, especially the birds! We do have the pileated woodpecker though, although maybe it's bigger in Florida.
Florida is such a different world compared to here. Interesting to see the mangoes on the trees. I eat them, but I've never seen them growing. Kind of looks like they are hanging on a really long 'rope' stem.