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Monday, June 13, 2011

Trouble causing trouble

At the beach...

Look how demure Troubie looks in this photo.  Don't let that fool you.  She can move as fast as a cat in a heartbeat "if" she wants to.  Trouble is a sun worshipper.  She gets cold easily.  We even had her thyroid checked out this year.  All her labs came back normal.  Pictured above sunning at the beach out of the wind.  The kennel was in the shade and proved too cold for her without a coat on.

Daddy bird has a BIG eye on Trouble.  He is guarding his wife above him. He also flew down and rode Trouble's back a few times pecking her.  He had good reason to because she was thinking about climbing the little shrub tree to get to the nest.  She wasn't thwarted by him pecking on her. :0)  Plus, there was a large squirrel hole (what she really wanted) close by.  I had to grab her tail a few times when she flew off the picnic table and down the hole.  Trouble can move when she wants to....

The nest high in the shrub tree.  I was amazed it withstood some really strong winds.

And, on the homefront...

This is the new plastic fencing around the porch to keep you know who in.  I think Erin is right....I need to chunken up Troubie!  The fencing doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

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